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“Cool Story Bro” is a popular internet phrase that spreads worldwide and now it’s printed on sweatshirts. You can see the “Cool Story Bro” letters imprinted in sweatshirts at your local clothing store. It’s a sarcastic response phrase use on forum posts that are too long to read, too boring, or too negative. Forum posters often use the phrase with an image macro to add to the impact of the phrase. 

When searching for clothing, it’s better to buy high quality clothing that might cost more than low quality clothing that costs less. Stores like Target and Sears are good providers of high quality clothes at reasonable price. The recession is definitely a time to cut back on buying really high price name brands.

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The “cool story, bro” phrase was officially added to the Urban Dictionary in January 5th, 2009. The definition listed was “a short sentence used to indicate sarcastically toward a story.”

Cheap clothing might looks appealing at first because of their low price, but I assured you the clothes won’t last long. It’s important to focus on purchasing quality over quantity. I buy clothes that express my personality in a meaningful way. I put thoughts and considerations into what the clothes represent before I make a purchase.

 The idea is embraced by online forums, but most people think it originated from 4chan. You can find the phrase used in image boards, internet blogs, chat-rooms, forums, and also in real life.

Quality clothing is definitely known to last longer and doesn’t fall apart after washing. You save money in the long run by investing in high quality clothing. I bought several Cool Story Bro sweatshirts over the years and they all still look new.

The “Cool Story Bro” phrase replace the “too long to read” phrase. It’s use in forum as a way to ignore someone negative or lack of interest’s post. You can buy “Cool Story Bro” sweatshirt from searching online for custom made clothing.


A great way you can save money while wearing high quality clothes is to buy pre- worn clothing. You can purchase high fashion designer brands at low price. First, get an idea of the style and clothing articles you want to purchase. You may start out by buying just one name brand t shirt. Some great places of buy pre-worn clothes are Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and TJ Maxx.


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My advice to anybody purchasing Cool Story Bro Tell It Again Sweatshirt is to take their time and not rush into buying an inferior product. It’s alright to not purchase any sweatshirt on your first or second trip to the store. I enjoy the process because I think shopping is really fun. I rather would spend meticulous time in search for the perfect clothing than filling up my shopping bag with clothes. Hunting through thrift stores for clothing is similar to searching for an ancient treasure. The joy of shopping isn’t in the product but rather the experience.


Two other online websites that are great for buying used clothes are Craiglist and Ebay. You’ll be surprise by how many “Cool Story Bro Tell It Again” sweatshirts are up for sale by previous owners. I highly suggest you look up the designer and compare the quality of their clothing with other designers for the best quality products.

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